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We strive for measurable results and building success stories with our clients. ScreenVend is more than just a solution, it drives business efficiencies, quality results and enhanced customer experience.

  • Less space needed for physical shelves with introduction of robots and screens, smaller store footprint means lower rent
  • Modern look and feel to ScreenVend and robot design, along with a stress-free, easy shopping experience
  • Instant fulfilment of purchase as product emerges from a chute next to screens in seconds
  • Option to pay at screen using card terminal, or print QR code and pay at self-service checkouts
  • ScreenVend brings online technologies to the physical store, opening a new world in retail dynamics
  • Allows limitless cross-selling & up-selling opportunities on screen, leading to increase in sales

Eliminates Shrinkage

Robotic system eliminates theft and stock loss, while acting as a secure inventory repository as much as a dispensary



ScreenVend offers efficiency, removing the need for manual tasks such as restocking, allowing more time for value-adding customer service and reducing labour costs



ScreenVend brings online technologies to the physical store, offering instant fulfilment of product purchased, opening a whole new world in retail dynamics


Omni-channel Opportunities

ScreenVend enables new digital strategies to enhance omni-channel opportunities. Multiple formats allow customers to browse and shop as they would online


Broaden your Offering

The back catalogue of the retailer’s product offering can be shopped by the customer freely and easily, along with opportunity for range extension for the retailer



ScreenVend means less space needed for physical shelves, as these are replaced with robots & screens. The robot can hold up to 50,000 lines, accommodating over 20,000 SKUs depending on run rate

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