How integrating ScreenVend into your store’s digital strategy will help you do business better

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The global pandemic has rewritten the rules of retail. The already existing battle for in-store retail with e-commerce was accelerated tenfold when non-essential retailers were forced to temporarily close their doors one year ago. Following twelve months that could only be described as survival of the fittest for retailers, the return to in-store shopping must be a profitable one. 

The first wave of the global pandemic saw a scramble for a digital presence amongst retailers, with those who had previously utilised such technologies coming out on top. When shoppers return to the high street, retailers will enter the final sprint to adapt their in-store experience to satisfy changed consumer preferences, and to recreate the instant gratification that is provided by online purchasing. Research carried out by McKinsey, highlights that 29% of consumers have adapted to new digital shopping methods since the global pandemic, presenting retailers worldwide with the challenge of exploring alternative in-store shopping experiences. 

ScreenVend is redefining retail by combining the essential elements of both physical and online shopping, to provide a seamless in-store experience. By developing interactive touch screens, acting as an electronic point-of-sale system that works seamlessly with a robotic picking system developed by Gollmann Robotics, ScreenVend has introduced in-store technology that provides either a self or assisted service shopping experience. 

By creating an environment that embraces and enhances the changing role of retailers and retail staff, retailers can operate at a higher level of efficiency than ever before. 

Embracing change through ClicksiNBricks Technology

The ScreenVend solution can offer retailers the opportunity to:

  • Upsell and cross-sell products 
  • Provide limitless virtual shelf space
  • Pick and dispense chosen products for customers
  • Act as an EPOS
  • Reduce need for large retail footprints 
  • Provide instant fulfilment of purchase as product emerges from a chute next to screens in seconds
  • Increase sales and digital advertising opportunities 
  • Eliminate shrinkage 

Repurposing Retail Spaces

From saving on rental costs, to simultaneously offering a wider range of products in store, ScreenVend’s digital browsing technology provides retailers with limitless virtual shelf space and increasing efficiency in the sales process. There is no longer a need for large, spaced out retail spaces that showcase every item in stock. Automated manual processes improve workflow and alleviate workers of mundane tasks, allowing the role of the in-store worker to expand into that of a consultancy position. This level of in-store technology provides customers with the option of a self-serviced shopping experience or a one-on-one consultancy with a member of staff who can provide a personalised customer experience. 

Driving business efficiencies

As the retail industry opens its doors after a quiet twelve months, there is more pressure than ever to operate at the highest level of efficiency and reach high customer satisfaction levels. 

Utilising all available assets is crucial to driving business efficiencies and growth. The Gollmann robotic system within the ScreenVend solution is as much an inventory repository system as a dispensing unit, empowering retailers to make a multitude of cost savings, from reduced rental costs, to eliminating shrinkage, and improving stock turnover through predictive planograms. The ultimate goal is to ensure that retailers can operate at the highest level of efficiency for both staff and customers. 

The retail industry needs innovation now more than ever. ScreenVend offers an innovative, accessible, and engaging omni-channel retail experience for businesses and their customers. The time is now.  

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