Gollmann International

Gollmann-Zwick are one of our robotic suppliers and partners at ScreenVend. They are based in Germany and have installed over 1,500 robots in 20 countries, over 3 continents.

The capacity of the Gollmann robots ranges from 5,000 – 25,000 SKUs, so it can be completely customised to suit your needs and premises. The robots have 99.5% uptime, along with a 24/7 Support Hotline for any issues that may pop up. On site training is carried out in the store.

The Gollmann Team is composed of highly skilled specialists across the areas of research and development, design, production, installation services, marketing and sales.


Due to the emergence of COVID-19 and subsequent increased need for pharmacy efficiencies, the demand for robotics system has accelerated. For example, in the Danish pharmacy business, almost 60% of community pharmacies use automated technology, while the rest of mainland Europe stands at 35% on this charge.

The robot can fill and organise a large number of products without the need for manual intervention, resulting in less chance of error and increased efficiency. The robot means time is freed up for pharmacists and staff for more value-adding tasks, pharmacy services and private consultations.

Robotic solutions tailored to your business needs

  • Bespoke – designed to fit your store in dimension and colour
  • Automated stock ordering & live stock counts with expiry date recognition
  • Automated loading mechanism minimises labour costs, saving 40% of pharmacist’s time
  • Quickly brings product to any POS via flexible dispensing points e.g. spiral chute, conveyor, lift
  • Eliminates shrinkage – no stock on display in store, robot robust and secure
  • As much an inventory system as a dispensary unit for storage of products
  • Can store up to 6,000 packages per metre of body length
  • Significant saving on floor space due to compact design

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