Advancements in robotics and technology have allowed industries to significantly develop in many areas of modern life. From agriculture to medicine, working life is forever changing. These robots facilitate industries both virtually and mechanically.

As convenient and efficient as they seem to be, it tends to leave a lot of people feeling somewhat apprehensive thinking about a future with robotic beings. And if this is how you feel, you are not alone. However, having a better understanding of how advancements in technology will send societies down paths to a better life may help in accepting these new ways of living.

When we think of these new robots today, for some it may be hard to see past the simple mechanical arm’s design, which is used to ease manual labour. We have not properly been exposed in our society to the advancements in robotics that computer science has to offer just yet. But we are not far off.

Some major industries in which robots perform vital tasks include:


A robot called ‘Da Vinci Surgical’, is a multi-armed robot that robot can perform less-invasive surgery. Its high-definition vision and controls allow surgeons to carry out more complex operations which may reduce surgical errors.


ScreenVend is a system that have designed an efficient new vending system that numerous pharmacies have invested in. The vending system works in tandem with easy-to-navigate touch screens that make life easier for the customer and worker, giving more time for face-to-face interactions.


In Henna-na Hotel in Japan, guests are greeted upon arrival by robots working in reception. Throughout the hotel, robots are doing jobs such as bartending and acting as butlers. The hotels aim is to make 90% of its operations automated.


Domino’s Pizza is now introducing DRU, a robotic, “autonomous delivery vehicle” for pizzas in Australia.


This industry uses a system called SmartCore, which is an autonomous robot that collects soil samples using GPS and obstacle-detection algorithms. It eliminates the need for inefficient manual soil sampling. Another is called Rubion, which is a strawberry picking robot that picks and weighs the fruit. It can also predict the upcoming harvest to support more efficient planning.

Advancements in robotics industry-wide are happening all over the world, and at a rapid pace.

Be a part of it.

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