What are the benefits of ScreenVend to the customer?

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ScreenVend 1.0 has been developed both with the retailer in mind, and the end-user who will be using the screen.

  • Retailers can hold up to 25,000 items in a compact space (up to 3m tall) for dispensing from ScreenVend. Maximises the cost per square metre of retail space
  • Designed for scale and ease of deployment to multiple locations. Low cost of ownership & capex
  • Supports thousands of products with 4K resolution images and high definition video across a large estate
  • Attended sale and unattended sale scenarios supported out of the box – preventing the wrong product being sold to the wrong customer
  • Easily customisable planogram builder for support team to design and build planograms. Dynamic planogram support for out-of-stock products
  • Systems have been hardened so that data and transactions are fully protected in the system
  • Customer journey can extend to EPOS for cash transactions
  • Customer journey includes contactless and chip&pin payments at a card terminal connected to ScreenVend

The benefits of the next iteration of the solution, ScreenVend version 1.1 will also include:

  • Ability to brand the front-end according to the pharmacy/store brand guidelines. Add brands where planograms are based around specific product brands
  • Reducing complexity for users to upload product data to manage in ScreenVend
  • Ability to share planograms between stores, or comprehensively customise one planogram just for one store
  • Assign screensavers to different stores, have different sets of products per store and allow for local choice per store

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