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The proliferation of online shopping, as exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has given rise to new consumer expectations. Shoppers are no longer content to browse endlessly on inefficient platforms; they expect a quick, coherent service that allows them to access hundreds of products with minimal effort. Despite this, the fervent return to the high street when restrictions eased across the globe last year showed that there is still a strong appetite for memorable, in-person retail experiences. 

Research by McKinsey found that two-thirds of respondents believe omnichannel shopping, which combines a variety of in-store and digital aspects, to be the most significant trend that the industry currently faces. If retailers hope to survive in this new world of increased competition and heightened consumer expectations, they need to bridge the gap between online shopping and bricks and mortar retail.

ScreenVend’s technology provides the solution. Using a unique software solution that combines ClicksiNBricks® technology and AI-powered retail robotics, it is reshaping the retail experience to bridge the gap between in-store and digital shopping.

How does it work?

ScreenVend’s innovative customer journey begins with customers being met with interactive touch screens rather than physical shelves. These screens provide a modern point of sale system for browsing and selecting products. Customers can access a limitless selection of current and back catalogue items as they would online. Once the customer has selected and paid for their products at the screen, their order is connected to a robotic system which picks the products from within the robot’s internal storage system and deposits them down a chute to be collected by the customer using an assigned ticket at the till point or at the screen.

What are the benefits? 

Ease of Use and Accessibility 

Ease of use and accessibility are part of ScreenVend’s DNA, meaning that anyone of any age can use the systems. With the same ease as a physical store shelf, customers can browse through products on the virtual shelves or search for selected items. The technology provides customers with the option of a completely self-serviced shopping experience, reducing the time they need to spend in store. That said, a staff member will always be on hand to assist with the processes so customers never feel out of touch.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Using technology to automate manual processes frees up in-store staff to provide assistance and create meaningful interactions with customers. For a more personal experience, shoppers can have a one-on-one consultancy with a member of staff. In eliminating manual tasks such as stocking shelves, ScreenVend’s technology allows staff members to focus on building client relationships and providing the best service possible. This seamless combination of digital processes and customer service sets a new standard for modern retail. 

Seamless Processes 

Research by the Technical University of Denmark found that the global attention span is narrowing due to the amount of information people are presented with day-to-day. With this in mind, it becomes all the more important that retailers make their processes as seamless and efficient as possible in order to hold the attention of the consumer. ScreenVend allows customers to easily browse a limitless amount of products swiftly and then have instant fulfillment of purchase. With no waiting required, customers are free to browse the limitless options available through the virtual shelves. 


From a retail perspective, the technology allows for up-selling across the entire product portfolio, as more products are available via the virtual shelves on screen. Reducing the need for shelf space within stores not only creates a spacious, modern shopping environment for customers but also gives retailers the chance to have a larger product inventory than would typically fit in their store. 

Using an electric point of sale system also allows retailers to generate detailed reports in response to the input data, meaning they can gain insights about how to manage their inventory and make informed business decisions.

Reduced Shrinkage and Theft

The potential for shrinkage and theft is also eliminated as an order must be placed before a product is dispensed, which also empowers retailers to make savings and improve stock turnover using predictive technology for client needs.

ScreenVend is bridging the gap between online retail and in-store experiences to create a modern response to shifting customer demands. By incorporating the best parts of digital efficiency and in-person customer service, this innovative technology provides the perfect balance of traditional retailing and modern standards. 

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